There are two kinds of web site owners, those who work with their web site, and those who ignore its existence and hope for the best. If you are in the second category, then you need to read this post, or if you are in the first, and you want to feel good about the time you have invested, read and enjoy!


1: Google loves an up to date website and will prioritise you above others.

2: Give your customers a reason to come back. If nothing changes they have already seen it all.

3: By trying different things and monitoring your traffic numbers, you can find out what works best.

4: For every month you neglect your site you are missing sales who are choosing your competition instead.

5: Your business changes, so your website should reflect that, (new staff, services, products, policies, service areas etc).

6: Your clients change: Always monitor your target market and how your website can serve them.

7: Make a good first impression: Nothing says out of date like “Latest Blog post: 21/3/2005” or “©2003”.

8: Practice makes perfect, the more you use your content management system, the more you will learn how to do.

9: Become an expert: If you keep growing your site with relevant content that gets ready by your target market, you will be perceived as an expert, an thus gain more business

10: Save yourself time: Are there any questions that your customers ask you incessantly, so much so, that they drive you mad and you now begin answering while they are still asking the question? Save time by posting this information on your website, let it answer for you.

I have worked with all kinds of clients. The ones who have not worked on their website after launch have 30-40 visits per month, whereas clients, even with a simple website, who get involved and take responsibility for their site literally have thousands of visitors per month.


It really is up to you, which group describes you best? Decide where you want to be and start taking action today. If you want to be brave, tell me how often you plan to update your site in the comments below!