Hi, My name is Luke!

I’m a web consultant with 14+ years of experience, I have a “thing” for orange and I believe a bunch of things others do not.

What are they?

Contrarian Belief #1

“Marketing can and should be a noble profession with high standards of integrity.”

A bit about me

An overly truncated history of my life in <80 Words

  • Born in 1988
  • First dreams of entrepreneurship – 2000 (Crushed by reality, circa 2005)
  • Got into design and web as a hobby – 2005
  • Was besotted by the future Mrs Farrugia – 2010
  • Married her in 2013
  • Formed Farbox with long-time friend Daniel Box – 2012
  • We parted ways for solo projects in 2015
  • Became a coach in 2016 with Jonathan Wold from Creating Clients
  • Became a dad in 2017
  • Welcomed #2 in October 2019

Contrarian Belief #2

“One highly engaged consultant is often better than a team of thinly spread specialists.”

My Clients

“Farbox helped us increase the effectiveness of our web site. This contributed to bringing $1.5m tourism dollars into the local economy.”
Megan Trousdale

Media Officer, Nundle Tourism

Contrarian Belief #3

“I never work for clients just because they have money. Our values must align.”


I design websites, but I’m not merely a web designer.

I have been doing this for a long time (multiple lifetimes if you count in internet years 😉 ) and I have intentionally (accidentally?) built the skills that I believe to be the most useful when building an online presence.

My ideal project is one where I can learn about a business or organisation in detail, develop a complete digital strategy then execute both the initial build and manage the ongoing needs.

Everyone’s needs are different, but here are a few broad ideas of what I can help you with.


Digital Strategy

Web Design

Social Media


Content Planning & Production

Stop right there!

I only work with 5 clients at a time, so I can fully invest in each of them, and I preference long term engagements.

If that sounds like the level of commitment you want from a service provider, send me a message.

If all spots are currently taken we can still explore your needs and I can add you to the waiting list.